As You I've Felt The Same


4 days until the Global Twitter Viewing Party with John Green! Which of these Party Planning Tips will you use to have the perfect #TFIOSparty?


Lady Garland

Production Design | Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

The story is very episodic, so we picked a different color scheme for each section. For example, Count Olaf’s house has a lot of greens, blacks and grays; the house of Uncle Monty has a lot of greens and browns and a bit of yellow; and the house of Aunt Josephine has blues and blacks. - Emmanuel Lubezki, cinematographer; P.D. by Rick Heinrichs

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Exploring the Gold Coast of Ghana on the last leg of our #DiscoverOrigins journey…

dr. danny ‘diamond dan’ castellano in 3x01

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